About Personal Training

If you are interested in having a good night's sleep, decreasing your appetite, having more energy, reducing your stress level, we can definitely help. Build more confidence in yourself and see the beneficial impact it will have in all aspects of your life.

Personal Training Specials

Over the past years, Lello Polcari, President of Total Body Tec has worked with many individuals including sport figures, which he has helped build their agility and speed, not to mention the extensive amount of work done to help positively transform his clients bodies and acquiring unbelievable changes and accomplishments.

Invest you Time for your Body

Invest just 4 to 5 hours a week in physical training and in return you will get benefits for a lifetime. Many individuals invest money for their future; however, not many invest in their health. The value of life is much more important than the value of a dollar. What is a future without health?

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